We have seen how online gaming has become popular in recent years. There are several websites and apps for online gaming. But what if I tell you you can earn money by betting on games. Yes, you read it right. W88 allows you to earn money by betting on online games. Isn’t it cool? Let’s learn what w88 is.

W88 is an online casino site, becoming one of the largest online entertainment sites in Asia. By registering, we can bet on many games like football, casino, and many online games.

How to register? 

Having a registered account helps you enjoy various benefits like registration bonuses, referral bonuses, and many more. Registering on W88 is easy; just follow the instructions given below, and start earning money.

  • Open the website of W88 on your web browser.
  • Fill in the account registration information.
  • Wait for confirmation
  • If any problem arises, contact the agent or the company as soon as possible.

Things that you must keep in mind during registration 

  • Email used should be a real one.
  • Don’t forget the user id and password.
  • The currency type chosen should be convenient for you as you have to deposit and withdraw money in that form only.
  • Choose a username that is easy to remember so that you can log in from anywhere, anytime.
  • Choose a strong yet easy to remember password.
  • Don’t share you id password with anyone
  • While filling in the details, don’t register through fraud agents and stay safe from fraud websites.
  • In case of any issues, feel free to contact customer care support.

How to deposit and withdraw money?

The money can b deposited via debit or credit cards, e-wallets, or any other online method. W88 doesn’t charge any additional fees for that, but some of the selected banks might. Check the details before choosing the payment option. 

What’s the legal age for playing on W88? 

According to the law, any individual who is below 18 can not gamble. The age may differ according to the country you live in; performing local research before getting engaged in any type of gambling is recommended. The government might take legal actions in case you are found guilty. 

W88 has the right to ask for the age proof of any customer and cross-check the information. If the individual is not giving the proof, w88 can suspend the account until the proof is not given.