To be honest, there are too many sports to keep up with. I’m a fan of about half a dozen that I follow regularly but have you seen how many sports can be bet on? It’s insane! That’s win this article I’m going to introduce you to do my three favourite sports to bet on and why. By the end, you may be switching over and betting on them too.

1] Football (soccer)

Football is arguably the most popular sport in the world. With the champions league generating insane figures for European clubs and World Cups every four years gaining every nations interest, it’s no surprise that football is the most loved sport in the world.

My favourite bets on football usually involve accumulators. These are bets you make that require all to come off in order to win. Some footballing events are predictable and therefore bookmaker lay weaker odds. However, as you increase the games, the odds become more favourable. These are definitely my favourites and one to try if you’re a footy lover or play other games like game đánh bài.

2] NFL

The sport of American football continues to be one of the most watched sports around the globe and with it comes bettors. There are numerous betting types involved with NFL but my favourite always comes from picking the Super Bowl winner.

If you watch NFL regularly you can get a feel for the best teams. I recommend giving it a try, listening to what the pundits say and finding some decent odds sites that provide incentive to register. Many sites offer no deposit bonus so why not use it on the NFL? It could be a gateway into your new favourite sport.

3] Boxing

Boxing is one of the purest sports around. It’s unique in the sense that it’s one on one fighting. Most sports involve teams going head-to-head but boxing is just two opponents facing off.

As such, most boxing odds are simple and easy to understand. Usually, you just pick the boxer you think will win. It can be trickier if you want to predict the type of victory. In boxing, you can win by decision by judges (unanimous or split decision), technical knockout and knock out.

A good way to sense how the fight may go is to look at their track record on boxrec and see how they’ve done in the last 12 months. This may give an indication as to how they will box in their next bout.

Image source: Freepik