Slot volatility means the inherent risk associated with the specific game. The slot machines have a VI [Volatility Index], a numerical that states how unpredictable the game is. The manufacturer or the proprietary or the casino owners will share this information publicly. Therefore, it is hard to determine slot volatility. Nevertheless, slot volatility can be categorized into three types.

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High volatile slots

The marketing of high volatility slots is prioritized because the games create most actions. The chances for gamers to lose their bankroll is high and the Thailand casino managers get plenty of cash rolling in, so they advertise these games a lot. Gamers feel attracted to play the high variance slots because the payouts are substantially high. The jackpots of popular slots can reach as high as $10 million due to their high variance. 

Medium volatile slots

The risk as well as the payout is within midrange. Gamers can expect decent winning spins in an hour. You can win good returns on the bets playing on slots with medium variance. There are medium volatile slot games that have a jackpot payout. In free spin mode, every low-paying symbol gets removed to make sure the gamer wins a high payout.

Low volatile slots

Some gamers are not natural risk-takers. They always choose slots with low risk and low payout. Your possibility to win within an hour game is good but the rewards on your bet for every win are low. The features of slots with low variance are scarce but some have bonus mechanics. 

How to determine which is the best slot volatility category to choose?

Your purpose to play betting games at the casino in Thailand will determine the correct slot volatility category. 

  • If you are a thrill-seeker and betting for massive returns even if the risk of losing the entire bankroll is high then a high volatility slot is for you. 
  • If you desire to enjoy the slots and expect decent returns then medium volatility slots can be your way to go. 
  • If you want to play for a long time with fewer risks even if the payout is low, then choose a low variance slot machine. 

Your penchant for the amount of risk you can afford or are willing to take helps to find the correct slot machine volatility rate. For an outstanding slot experience in Thailand, the best choice is medium volatile slots.